Our approach

Sienna Capital aims to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in unlisted assets with a unique investment approach. The next stage of Sienna Capital’s evolution is to manage third-party capital. Sienna Capital has had managing third-party capital as a goal since inception and is now in the position to pursue this.  

Our investment decisions are based on a rigorous and consistent process:

  1. Identify attractive investment opportunities in: comprehensible asset classes, large and growing addressable markets, and a manageable competitive landscapes for the fund manager
  2. Identify and partner with talented managers, applying a disciplined selection criteria and a through due-diligence process. Provide long-term patient capital, larger than average ticket size, coupled with strong reputation and outstanding network 
  3. Negotiate favourable terms with managers and co-investments, boosting returns by obtaining reduced fees, preferred economics and other investor benefits  
  4. Provide a value-added ecosystem by helping managers raise money and attract talent, providing advice on best-practices, good governance, and industry insights. Also serving as a Best Ideas Factory to source direct investment and co-investment opportunities 
  5. Sienna Capital is now in a position to attract and manage Third Party Capital, to grow its portfolio and pursue its long-term strategy


The medium-term target (5 years) of Sienna Capital is to represent 10% of GBL’s Net Asset Value, at approximately €2bn. Sienna Capital also aims to contribute to GBL’s dividend, having contributed €153m to date, while diversifying GBL’s portfolio and revenue streams.