Pollen was founded by two serial entrepreneurs and is an international online marketplace with a unique membership model and a vast portfolio of travel, music, sports and other live experiences across North America and Europe. The market place has over 35,000 active members globally, and is deemed to be the world leader in word-of-mouth sales and marketing. Pollen’s members bring their friends to the best experiences and share rewards such as free tickets, backstage passes, meet and greets, and queue jumps. 

Sienna Capital & Pollen 

Sienna Capital invested EUR 9 million in the last round of funding alongside the platform manager BACKED. 
This follows the strategic goal of co-investing with our current manager platform in unique deals. 


The valuation is based on the latest cost of investment or the latest round of investment in case it is a more recent valuation. 


In 2019, Pollen successfully closed a USD 60 million series B funding round. The latest fundraising round saw commitments of more than USD 42 million in primary and USD 17 million in convertible notes.  


Value of Investment (12/31/2019) 


Business area

Online Marketplace for Unique Leisure Experiences  

Registered office

London, UK  

Key Data from GBL Annual Report 2019