Marcho Partners is a technology focused investment firm that targets companies outside the US and China. Launched in 2019, by a silicon valley entrepreneur with almost 20 years of investing experience, the fund takes both long and short positions on public technology equities over 2- to 5-year time horizons. Marcho Partners believes that technology companies in the “Rest of World” (non-US / non-China) has the potential to be the fastest growing part of the global public equity market over the next decade. 

Sienna Capital & Marcho Partners 

As part of a long-term agreement, Sienna Capital committed EUR 150 million in July 2019. 
In exchange for its support of Marcho Partners, Sienna Capital benefits from certain favorable financial terms. 


Investments which are quoted, listed or traded on or under the rules of a recognised market are valued at the closing price.  


Marcho Partners launched its first fund in 2019 with a commitment by Sienna Capital of EUR 150 million. Over the first five and a half months, Marcho deployed capital with a gross exposure in the range of 120-160%. 


Value of Investment (12/31/2019) 


Business area

Public Technology Equity Fund  

Registered office

London, UK  

Key Data from GBL Annual Report 2019 


Barbara Turner