Carlyle International Energy Partners (“CIEP”) is part of Carlyle’s Energy & Natural Resources group, which has USD 27 billion under management and 96 active portfolio companies across the globe. CIEP II is headed by Marcel Van Poecke, a distinguished and successful energy entrepreneur and investor, and has 18 dedicated investment professionals with 200+ years of combined experience. The primary aim of the fund is to invest in energy assets outside of North America (USA and Canada) at attractive entry multiples. 

Sienna Capital & Carlyle Energy Partners II 

In 2019 Sienna Capital committed USD 55 million into CIEP II alongside its investment in CEPSA. 


Investments which are quoted, listed or traded on or under the rules of a recognised market are valued at the closing price. The Fair Market Value of any non-marketable Investments shall be calculated not less frequently than annually and shall initially be determined by the AIFM in good faith in accordance with GAAP. 


CIEP II is currently fundraising and have accepted total commitments of USD 1.8 billion as of December 31, 2019. 


Value of Investment (12/31/2019) 


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Energy Fund  

Key Data from GBL Annual Report 2019